Dressage collar: What’s the best of 2020?

Image of dog holding its tab.

The dog training collar is a valuable tool for improving dogs’ behavior and keeping them safe during walks, visits, and other activities. Your choice must be careful, since the collar will form communication between the trainer – professional or not – and the animal.
What is the best collar to educate a dog? There are several models, shapes, and materials to satisfy the needs of pets and their owners. These needs range from the stage of training, the breed and size of the dog, to its personality and character. In this guide, you will learn about different types of collars and the advantages and disadvantages of each one.

The most important

  • Dog training collars can be manufactured with different materials: nylon, choir, fabric, or metal. Resistance, durability, and ease of cleaning will depend on the raw material from which it is made.
  • They can be flat (flat) or rounded. The length is very variable: it can be less than 50 centimeters or even 20 meters.
  • The best model of a training collar is the multifunctional one, as it allows us to adjust the length according to the instruction step, the physical space, and the need to control the dog.

Ranking: The best dog training collars on the market

Many owners spend time looking for a comfortable collar for the pet, resistant, and safe for training. They do not give the same attention when buying the collar rope, although the two elements are equally important. Below, we want to recommend the best dog training collars available on the market.

1 ° – Dog collar with vermilion light – Ize

Dog Collar With Ize Red Light

This is a standard neck collar, with the differential of having an LED light around it, which allows it to be also used on night walks. It is made of water-resistant nylon, shaped like a flat belt, and the light battery lasts up to 72 hours. Lighting can be seen from up to 300 m away.

Both the neck collar and the rope can be adjusted to increase or decrease in size, which allows it to be used on dogs of different sizes and helps keep the dog better controlled when training it.

2nd – Braided Dressing Collar (Various Colors) – Dog Design US

Training collar for dogs with yellow braided dog designYellow Dog Design 18-Inch 118TLOR

This collar should also be worn around the dog’s neck. It is made of padded polyester, which creates comfort for the animal and the tutor/trainer. Also, it is a washable material, which allows maintaining the product’s hygiene. It has metal rings to hold the rope.

It is available in several vibrant colors and in various sizes to suit dogs of all sizes. The circumference around the neck can be tightened or loosened according to the time of use and the activities to be done with the dog.

3 ° – Reflective Dressing Collar – CollarDirect US

Reflective dog collar CollarDirect marmarra collars with side release buckle for training adjustable choking collars for petsCollarDirect S, Neck Size 12'-15 'orange

This collar is made of hypoallergenic nylon with a metal finish on the back (where the rope is attached), which guarantees more resistance. It must be passed through the dog’s neck, and it is possible to find it in different colors and adjustable sizes, making it easy to adapt to all dogs.

It has the advantage of being reflective, which means that it is visualized when light strips from bars, poles, etc., favoring the dog’s safety even if the training or the walk is done at night.

4 ° – Dressing collar – Max & Neo US

Max and Neo martingale nylon collar - we donate a collar to a rescue dog for each collar soldMax and Neo X SMALL pink NYMC-PNK-XS

This neck collar is also made of durable and comfortable nylon, which prevents damage to the dog and the guardian/trainer. It has reflective stitching for more excellent dog safety in nighttime activities.

There are several sizes with the possibility to loosen or tighten a little more. The ring is made of polished and resistant metal for rope use. When purchasing a Max & Neo collar, the company donates a collar identical to animals rescued from the streets.

Shopping Guide: What You Should Know About Dog Training Collars

The training collar is a valuable tool to improve dogs’ behavior, increase safety during walks, and even improve the coexistence at home. In this section, you will learn about this collar’s characteristics and uses for your pet’s education.

Image of a leash dog looking at its owner.

What are the requirements for a good dog training collar?

  • New models and materials for dog collars often appear. As the owner and responsible for the animal, it is essential not to get carried away just by advertising, but to choose a dressage collar that meets individual comfort and safety requirements: The collar must be resistant: Especially when it is necessary to train a large dog or that it pulls very hard when walking.
  • Must have strong and sturdy hooks: That ensures that the collar ring or ring hooks tightly on the rope.
  • The collar should be comfortable: Not only for the dog but also for the owner. Also, it must be of a material that prevents hand burns due to friction.
  • The collar must be long enough: To promote freedom of movement for the animal, but it can be shortened to control it. Multifunctional collars allow you to adjust the length according to the need of the moment.
  • They must be made with easy to clean or washable material: It does not absorb odors or moisture.
  • For evening dressings, the collar should be reflective.

What is a dog training collar?

Dog training collars are elements designed to control and, mainly, to educate these animals. They are made of a strip, rope or chain with a metal hook on one end that will join the part that is on the neck or body of the dog. At the other end, there may be an opening for the hand, to encourage the person to hold the leash rope.

Image of dogs, side by side, in front of their owners.

What models of dog training collars exist?

  • As already mentioned, there are quite different options on the market when it comes to canine dressings. Still, few can contribute to the dog’s training process; and even worse, some end up being unsafe for the animal. Below are some of the models currently available: Conventional collars: Usually have a flat shape and an average length of 1 meter. They are suitable for walks, but they are not long enough for dressage.
  • Collars of 2 meters or more: They are conventional collars, but very long. They can be 2 to 20 meters long. They allow training the dog to respond when called or to bring balls (or another object). They can be flat or rounded. These collars are rolled up and released manually.
  • Multifunctional collars: They are between 2 and 3 meters long. Their particularity is the presence of 2 or more hoops at the base, which allows them to adjust the length of the rope. It is the favorite option of trainers, veterinarians, and tutors.
  • Extendable collars (retractable): They can have several lengths, but generally, the most common is that they are 3, 5, or 8 meters. They are made of wire-like rope that is wrapped inside a plastic structure. The dog can extend it as he walks or walks away.
  • Hanging collars: This model joins the collar and the rope by a kind of “knot.” When the dog walks faster, this knot causes the neck part to tighten and, as the name says, hang the animal. They are discouraged because they are cruel and dangerous.
ConventionalEconomical and easy to use on toursIts length is insufficient for training
LongThey are a good option in advanced stages of training, to teach commands, behaviors or games that require the owner and the animal to be at a considerable distance from each otherDepending on the design and material, they can roll up and curl, making handling difficult
MultifunctionalIts length adjusts easily according to the needs of the momentIts maximum length is usually up to 3 meters
ExtensibleGive your dog more freedom of movementThey teach and encourage the dog to walk with a collar. They are totally discouraged in the case of dogs that have the habit of pulling hard while walking
HangingNeutralize undesirable behavior by negative reinforcementThey are dangerous to the animal and represent mistreatment

Which dressage collar model is most recommended?

As we already mentioned, the multifunctional collar is the best option for canine training. The hook is easily attached to the ring to achieve the desired length. Its maximum length is usually 2 to 2.6 meters. It is a comfortable, safe, versatile, and dynamic model. They can be made of nylon or leather. The 2.8 to 3-meter multifunctional collars can be used in a crossed way – in tow – during the walks. Many of them are also useful for taking two dogs at a time. Most manufacturers include a manual so that the non-professional trainer can make the most of this model.

What types of dog training collars are best avoided?

Never choose hanging collars, which are highly recommended for dogs that pull hard on the leash when they walk. This is because two things can happen: that the dog stops pulling because of the hanging, or that the dog, even being hanged, continues to give tugs. Some dogs suffer serious neck injuries because of this type of collar. It is also not recommended to use extensible collars, as they encourage this habit of pulling; even dogs that do not have this habit can acquire it. The retractable collar can be used on walks with already trained dogs or in more advanced stages of training.

Does the electric collar replace the dressage collar?

No. This element was recently banned in the Netherlands, for example, because it is considered cruel and unnecessary. These are collars used for training “at a distance” since it is unnecessary to use the rope on the collar. When the dog disobeys or does something inappropriate, the owner presses a button that emits an electric shock, vibration, or noise. The loss of the welfare of the animal is very high. The use of electric collars is not justified, given that there are equally effective and harmless alternatives for the animal and its owner. Therefore, it is not recommended to use this type of collar for the training of your pet.

Image of a dog with its owner walking in the park.

Can the same collar be used for training and walking the dog?

Yes. One of the biggest advantages of multifunctional collars, for example, is that, once training is complete, you can continue using them for outings. In fact, often the training, which at first lasts a few minutes, is done during the time dedicated to the walk; so, it’s very comfortable not having to change collars.

Colorful collars.

How should the owner behave during training?

The dog training collar is a valuable educational tool, but not a miracle. If the owner wants to train his dog on his own, without hiring a professional trainer, he must be patient, caring and disciplined in training. Dogs learn quickly, but this process takes some time.

Positive conduct of the ownerNegative conduct of the owner
Choose a time when the dog is calm and attentive to the training sessionForce the dog to learn commands when he is tired, afraid or nervous
Use dog treats, petting, loving words and games as a reward for learned conduct or in the process of learningYelling, hitting, punishing or ignoring the dog because it is not learning the order or command you are trying to teach
Do short training sessions, of about 5 minutes, and then continue with games or walksCarry out prolonged training sessions that tire and irritate the dog
Teach a command or order in each dressage sessionWant the dog to learn several commands in each training

Purchasing Criteria

The world of dog training collars is huge. It is important to know the different materials, models and sizes to purchase the product indicated for your dog and for you. These are the basic purchase criteria that you should evaluate before buying a collar to train your dog:

  • Material
  • Model
  • Security features
  • Dog size


Nylon and leather collars are the most recommended because they are light, yet resistant. However, the leather can be damaged if washed or exposed to moisture. If the dog has a habit of biting the collar, this material will also be very tempting. Metal collars are very heavy, difficult to handle and tend to oxidize.

PriceIntermediate (very variable depending on length and model)Expensive (varies depending on length and model)Economic
ResistanceElevated, even dog bitesVery good resistance, but can be damaged if the dog has a habit of biting the collarHigh
Ease of cleaningVery easy to clean, most even can be machine washedSpoils if washed with water or a damp clothThe links retain a lot of dirt
DurabilityVery long lastingVery long lasting, but as long as it is not exposed to excessive humidityTends to oxidize in contact with water or moisture
Leash model manufactured with this materialAll: conventional collar, large collar, extensible collar, multifunctional collar, double collarConventional collar, multifunctional collar and double collarConventional collar


For the initial training phase, the ideal is to buy a multifunctional collar (leather or nylon) or, if not found, a conventional 2-meter collar. In more advanced stages, you will be able to complement the training with a long (more than 10 meters) or extensible collar (but never use it if the dog has a habit of pulling hard when walking).

It is essential to mention that the extensible collars practically do not control the animal, and it is hazardous to use them. They can be used with very obedient dogs or if training takes place indoors. Also, very short collars (less than 50 centimeters) or hanging collars should never be used.

Couple walking with their dog.

Security features

The end at which the person holds the collar must be comfortable and non-slip to avoid burns by hand rubbing. Reflective wires are essential for night walks or training. Hooks must be strong and ensure secure closure. A failure in the hook can cause the dog to escape.

Dog Characteristics

When the dog is large or tends to pull the collar, it is better to buy a resistant and reinforced product to prevent it from breaking or having an accident during training. In the case of small breeds, it is essential to purchasing light chains. For dogs that tend to bite, leather collars should be avoided.

Some tutors think that, with a short collar, less than 50 centimeters, they can remove the dog’s habit of pulling the collar. The opposite is true: the shorter the collar is, the more the dog pulls. It is essential to consider the breed and personality of the dog when choosing a collar.


As you probably noticed, the collar is much more than an element to prevent the dog from escaping during walks or jumping on people. It is a tool that, if used correctly, will allow you to educate your dog and communicate with him or her. Choosing a suitable collar is part of the preparation for dressage.

Multifunctional collars, nylon or leather, are our favorite options for educating a dog and, once this process is completed, they will also serve as a walking collar. Of course, even if you buy the best product on the market, training will not be successful without dedicating time, patience, affection, and discipline.


Feed for elderly dogs: What is the best of 2020?

cute old dog

It is not just humans who begin to feel the weight of age over time. Pets too. And it is at this stage of life that they need even more love, patience and care. That is why it is important to be attentive to food, always offering food for elderly dogs, which will be able to supply a good part of everything that the years take away from your best friend.

From teething to the digestive system, everything changes when your pet gets older. And, if you came here looking to learn more about how to provide quality of life for your puppy at this stage of life, follow us and learn all about the difference between traditional food and the food developed especially for elderly dogs.

The most important

  • Small dogs take longer to show signs of aging. Large dogs, on the other hand, can be considered elderly from 5 years of age. However, there are other factors to which aging is conditioned.
  • With advancing age, the dog tends to be calmer, and his physical activity is reduced. Therefore, he must consume foods with fewer calories. Also, the ideal dose of protein will maintain muscle mass, which contributes to its vitality.
  • When buying food for your friend, make sure it is old dog food. On the market, there are options with complements for every need of your pet. We will talk about this later.

The best old dog food: our recommendations

Like any pet owner, you certainly want the best old dog food to offer your companion. For this reason, we have prepared a selection with the most superior products among consumers. Thus, you can already give a little of the variety and benefits that each manufacturer guarantees to your dog.

  • All-natural senior dog food
  • Wet food that assists in chewing and digestion
  • Dog food that improves dental health

All-natural senior dog food

Chronos Pet Dogs Super Premium Senior Full 8+ 3kg Chronos Breed Elderly, Chicken Flavor

Free of transgenics and without chemical preservatives, Chronos Premium is preserved with the action of vitamins C and E. Its formulation is rich in omega 3, chondroitin, glucosamine, and the functional beta-glucan.

Thus, the food forms a protective shield for your puppy’s joints. It also helps preserve mental and cardiac health, increase immunity, and block your buddy’s inflammatory processes to age with more quality.

Wet food that assists in chewing and digestion

The Wet Food Line Pate Three Dogs Premium Special Senior Dogs Biofresh Breed Elderly, Chicken Flavor 150g

This wet consistency food was developed exclusively to meet the needs of senior dogs. In addition to the aroma that helps awaken your appetite, the texture of pate helps during chewing, which is more laborious at this stage of life.

Balanced, the composition with light proteins facilitates the digestive process. It also has a high concentration of natural antioxidants, such as selenium and vitamin E, essential for healthier aging.

Dog food that improves dental health

Royal Canin Mini Indoor Ageing Dog Food Senior Dogs +12 years 1kg Royal Canin for All breed sizes Adult - Flavor Other

Ideal for small dogs over 12 years of age, this feed contributes to preserving your dog’s oral health. That’s because it has calcium chelating agents, which fight tartar.

It is also rich in actives, which leave the dog with the most beautiful and fresh skin and hair. Thanks to the unique antioxidant complex, it contributes to your best friend’s healthy aging.

Shopping guide: What you need to know about old dog food

At first, old age is not a comfortable period. However, whether for humans or pets, this is the natural evolution of the life cycle. Therefore, the best thing to do is to seek alternatives and adapt to the changes. In this guide, we will talk about the major transformations of this phase and answer the most common questions regarding the diet for elderly dogs and their benefits for this dear family member.

family with a pet

When to start offering the food for elderly dogs?

By general rules, the dog reaches the beginning of senility at around seven years of age, but this can vary from one breed to another. That is, not all dogs age the same way. As with humans, many factors contribute to the aging cycle. Therefore, the idea is to consult the veterinarian to determine the best time, according to your dog’s breed and size ( 1 ). Still, we can give you some tips to identify signs that your friend is becoming an elderly dog. Let’s go to them:

  • The size of the animal influences. The size and breed of the dog play a significant role in the stages of life. Some dogs reach the end of adulthood at five years, for example. Others, such as small ones, become elderly only at the age of 7. There are still those who become senile only after ten years.
  • The race can condition the stages of life. Some races take longer to age. These dogs are sure to live longer. For example, we can mention the dogs of the beagle, Shih-Tzu, or chihuahua breeds.
  • Physical changes begin to appear. The dog will have white fur, arthritis, and dryness on the footpads. Also, it is common for your friend to develop urinary incontinence and lose sight or hearing.
  • Every rule has an exception. Aging is an individual process for each living being. Therefore, if you notice that your dog is already old but has no health problems, remain active. With a weight under control, you can continue on the same diet, unless there is a veterinarian’s indication for the change.

Why does the elderly dog ​​need differentiated food?

First, we must remember that, for each stage of life, there are specific nutritional needs. In the case of elderly dogs, there are many changes in the animal’s metabolism that generate nutritional deficiencies. These can be supplied through exceptional food. Therefore, the diet for elderly dogs is a “little help” in the form of vitamins and supplements, which will ensure more health and quality of life, so that your friend can face the action of time, which brings discomfort such as joint pain, for example.

Also, the slower metabolism, natural at this stage, leads to decreased dog activity. As a result, the body requires fewer calories to maintain itself. Experts recommend that this consumption decreases between 8% and 12% in elderly dogs ( 2 ).

Another difference is that elderly dogs tend to have a slower digestive system and constipation is one of the main consequences. Thus, the feed for elderly dogs ensures more fiber to accelerate intestinal transit.

Feed for elderly dog

Is it common for the elderly dog ​​to reject the feed?

It can happen, yes. This usually has specific causes that can be reversed. If your dog starts to become numb to food and starts to reject the food, the first thing to consider is that, when he gets older, it is natural that he needs fewer calories since he is not as active as before. First of all, make sure that the problem is not with the feed itself. It may be that he is no longer happy with the taste or even the texture, for example. To be sure, the indication is to change the brand and observe the pet’s behavior.

If your friend is already ancient, it may be that he is no longer able to see well or even that he has impaired smell. So, just put the ration closer, so that he realizes that he has food available.

Finally, also note if he feels pain while chewing. It is common for teething to begin to weaken at this stage. If this is the case, wet dog food is the best recommendation.

What kind of dog food is best? Dry or wet?

Certainly both types of feed are important for both the young dog and the elderly dog. The two have properties that complement each other and offer distinct advantages to the body.

The recommendation of experts is that, when adopting the food for elderly dog, you try to combine dry and wet food. Thus, your pet will benefit from nutrients present in each of them. In the table below, we show the benefits of each type of feed:

Benefits of dry foodBenefits of wet food
Strengthens the teeth while the animal chews. This is very important, as with advancing age, the dentition tends to become weakThe quality feed contains much of the protein needed to maintain muscle mass in the elderly dog. Wet food, on the other hand, may not offer much protein, since it is composed, in large part, of water
Dogs that have lost their teeth due to old age have, in wet food, the only way to feed, due to the pasty consistencyIt has large amount of water, which helps in the hydration of the animal. Dogs often like the texture of pate

Purchasing criteria

Now that you have understood a little more about your pet’s aging process and how to identify the signs of age, you should be more confident to change your companion’s diet and adopt the old dog food. However, some factors need to be considered before the final choice. See each of them in detail.

  • Ingredients
  • Nutrients
  • Add-ons
  • Texture


Is old dog food made up of natural ingredients? Do you have chemical additives? In addition to these questions, which concern the origin and quality, you must pay attention to the feed composition before offering it to your dog.

Remember that meat, fish, and vegetables are essential for old dogs and guarantee extra-strength during life. Find out what are the most common ingredients in old dog food:

  • Meats, such as chicken or lamb. They offer much of the necessary protein. On the packaging label, it is possible to check the percentage of meat in the feed—the more protein in the composition, the better its quality.
  • Animal by-products. Among the elements that provide proteins are animal by-products. That is, parts not consumed by humans, such as feathers, beaks, spines, and cartilage. Therefore, note the number of by-products in the composition. If it is high, it indicates that the quality of the feed is not so good.
  • Fish and fish products. They also offer essential protein. Besides, they are rich in Omega 3 and vitamins A, and D. Salmon is the most common. Some manufacturers use the whole fish. Others, only parts, such as the viscera, for example. This must be described on the packaging.
  • Cereals. They are essential because they provide carbohydrates and some group B vitamins. In the case of old dog food, it is recommended to choose whole grains. Thus, the amount of fiber ingested will be more significant, which will aid digestion.
  • Vegetables. Many vegetables can be included, with great benefit, in the diet for elderly dogs. To count on vegetables is to provide many vegetable proteins, minerals, fibers, and vitamins that your puppy needs.
  • Salt and sugar. Both are necessary. Mainly to give more flavor to the feed. However, it is good to be aware of the quantities. Salt guarantees essential minerals, but it can harm the urinary system if consumed in excess. On the other hand, prefer the natural one like beet or sugar cane.
old dog sleeping


The recipe for having a well-fed elderly dog ​​is to ensure that it consumes at least 155 more protein than it used to consume when young ( 3 ). Even so, it is essential to avoid excesses, as this can also bring losses.

Remember, also, to prioritize products with the meat itself and no animal by-products. For carbohydrates, try to keep them to guarantee the fiber necessary for good intestinal transit.

Fat helps maintain healthy skin and hair, but it should also be consumed in a sensible way to avoid obesity, as the metabolism tends to slow down at this time in your puppy’s life.


Your pet can become more vital to face the effects of time if it has a balanced diet and rich in nutritional supplements. Thus, it will also be protected from damage to the senses and the brain.

Therefore, it is worth looking for a food for elderly dogs that make this supplement through daily food. The complements below are very important:

ComplementWhat is it for?
Calcium and phosphorusKeep bones and teeth strong and healthy
Vitamin CPrevents brain wear. Did you know that dogs can also have Alzheimer’s?
ZincStrengthens the immune system
Hydrolyzed collagenHelps strengthen joints and reduce pain that comes after years of canine antics
Luisa and leucine herbHelp regenerate muscle mass and are antioxidants
TryptophanHelps you sleep better and makes you less irritable and aggressive, common features in old dogs
GlucosamineHelps delay the inevitable wear and tear of cartilage


If your pet is aging with health and vigor, do not hesitate to maintain its nutrition based on dry dog ​​food with a dry texture. This is good for the teeth to remain active, in addition to providing more concentration of the necessary nutrients.

On the other hand, if your little friend already finds it difficult to chew, the alternative is to offer moist food, which will be a great ally to prevent the dog from rejecting food and may become even weaker.


Old age is a phase that, due to the natural logic of life, reaches everyone. Therefore, your puppy should also go through this. It indeed brings some negative aspects, such as seeing your friend lose the early years’ strength and vitality. However, there are also positives, such as enjoying long hours of tranquility and complicity. Above all, it is a time when care must always be on your radar, especially about food.

Good dog food should be as complete as possible with nutrients, quality proteins, and a little salt and little fat. These points have been dealt with throughout this guide and that you will undoubtedly observe before making such an important decision to buy a food appropriate for this new phase of your companion.

We hope that this material is support in your choice. Feel free to leave us a comment and share this article with your friends.


Dog shampoo: What’s the best of 2020?

It is very likely that every time you take your dog for a walk, he ends up venturing and coming back dirty, with the hair full of leaves or mud, that is, when he does not come back wet either! And it’s tough for your best friend to have fun without getting a little dirty. That is why many owners ask themselves whether or not it is worth buying a dog shampoo.
Four-legged companions love to go out to enjoy nature and interact with other pets and humans. The best thing is that you allow him to do this as safely as possible, and, for that, it is essential to take care of your dog’s hair. Today we are going to talk about everything you need to know about dog shampoo.

The most important

  • Dog shampoo is essential because they keep your pet’s coat clean. Your dog is likely to get dirty frequently. For this reason, and to avoid subsequent problems, in addition to the foul smell, it is convenient to wash it once a month and brush it every day, depending on the amount of hair it has.
  • The pH of dogs’ skin is different from ours, so never use human shampoo on it. This can harm you and cause many problems in the short and long term.
  • It is also necessary to consider certain events, for example, if your dog’s hair is falling out, if he is changing fur or if he has fleas. In this case, in addition to the shampoo’s purchase, you must take it to the vet so that a professional can guide you on how to proceed.

Ranking: The best dog shampoo options on the market

In this section, you will find a list of the best dog shampoos on the market. Also, we bring you an analysis and a summary of each one and their main characteristics. This will make your life easier when you have to buy one of these products for your pet.

1 st- Shampoo for a floral dog of dark fur

Sh Bio Florals PET Anxiety by the Dark Bio florals pet for Dogs

Part of the Bio Florais Pet Cosmetics Line, this shampoo is indicated for dogs suffering from anxiety. It has in its composition thermal water and mineral salts and selenium. It has a fragrance of fruits that promise to leave your pet fragrant for a long time.

2 ° – Shampoo for a floral dog with licking and self-mutilation

This kit from the Bio Florais brand is indicated for dogs showing atypical behaviors, such as licking and self-mutilation, typical of an unstable emotional state. The floral was developed to soften these emotions, bringing a sense of well-being to the dog. On the other hand, the shampoo promises to make it very fragrant, with an aroma of Japanese melon, red apple, peony flower, and vanilla.

3rd – Floral shampoo and conditioner kit suitable for conflict situations

Shampoo and Conditioner Kit for dogs and cats Floral treatment SOS Rescue Rescue Bio Florals Emergency compound indicated in conflict situations

Bio Floris has a series of pet products in the most diverse situations. This kit is indicated for the puppy going through a conflict situation, such as travel, change of environment, and introducing a new animal or child in the house. Its composition seeks to encourage the dog to feel safe and calm, easing possible tensions. It has notes of kiwi and lychee.

4 ° – Shampoo for neutral dog Seven Dogs


Ideal for those who have more than one dog or pet that needs more frequent baths, the Seven Dogs neutral shampoo with Aloe Vera extract comes in a five-liter container and is highlighted for its excellent cost-benefit. If your dog has long hair, also get the Seven Dogs Conditioner and Detangler. The brand also offers 500ml bottles.

Shopping Guide: What You Should Know About Dog Shampoo

It is essential that, before using a shampoo on your pet, you are informed about what you need: ingredients, type of hair, shedding, allergies, atopic dermatitis, among others. Therefore, we will answer the most frequently asked questions (which you certainly should have) when purchasing a shampoo for dogs.

Image of person bathing dog.

What is dog shampoo, and what are its advantages?

It is a liquid soap specifically made for our four-legged friends. It is at least curious that many people believe, although less and less, that to bathe a dog, you can use a shampoo for humans. It is also not uncommon to find vendors who try to convince us that there is a shampoo for breeds and coatings. This turns out to be a colossal mistake, as your dog can get sick since the skin of humans and dogs have a different pH. In addition to cleaning your pet’s fur well and protecting it from unwanted elements, this product provides a silky hair and a delightful smell, making the time you spend with your pet more enjoyable.

Below, we have compiled a summary of the advantages and disadvantages of dog shampoos.Benefits

  • Keeps hair clean
  • Specific for atopic skins
  • Wide variety of scents to choose from
  • Protects your pet from insects and parasites
  • The hydrolipidic layer (which protects the hair) is restored 24 hours after bathing


  • You can remove a lot of natural oil from the hair with each bath
  • It is necessary to pay attention to the needs of your pet, because choosing the wrong product can cause problems

What are the differences between dog and human shampoo?

There are several myths and legends about whether the shampoo we use at home can be used on our dog. We at Pets Alegres can say that not, mainly for two reasons: the type of composition (ingredients, thickness or concentration) and the degree of acidity of the skin (the tissue between the dermis and the epidermis that all mammals have). Let us look at the following two main differences that we can see at a glance.

  • Composition. It is one of the main differences between these two types of shampoos since dogs’ coat and skin require a greater concentration of the product and can be rinsed with water to a certain extent. And this is because the dog’s skin is usually more exposed than ours to all kinds of factors: climate, dirt, insects, among others.
  • pH. The pH is the factor that indicates the level of acidity of the skin. While the acidity of human skin is 5.5, dogs generally vary, depending on the breed, between 7 and 7.5. As you can see, prolonged use of human shampoo on your pet can result in long-term injuries.
Dog in bathtub.

We hope we have convinced you to never use the shampoo you use in your pet’s bath. We’ve explained the two main reasons, but we still have more information to share with you. If you’re interested, read on and find out more useful tips about dog shampoo.

What types of dog shampoo are on the market?

When we go to buy a special shampoo for our pet’s coat, we can be impressed by the wide variety of products and different specific characteristics that exist on the market today.

With that in mind, we have created a classification to help you decide which type of shampoo is best for your dog, based on three types of needs:

CoatSpecial needs (atopic skin, allergies or parasites)
Short hairAntiparasitic
For the longHypoallergenic
White furSoothing

At what age can you use dog shampoo?

We understand that you want to use dog shampoo on your pet as soon as possible, mainly because puppies are usually quite adventurous. However, be careful: it is recommended that shampoo happens when the puppy is more than three months old, as he is less likely to get sick with the temperature changes experienced during a bath. It is also not worth using any shampoo, as your dog needs a product suitable for skin and delicate hair. Therefore, if you have a tiny puppy, read the shampoos labels carefully when making your purchase.

Remember to pay attention to the type of hair and the characteristics of your pet. During this process, every detail makes a difference.

Does hair influence the purchase of shampoo for dogs?

For sure. The experience of having a shorthaired animal is very different from having a longhaired animal. Not to mention that the problems that usually appear are also quite different. For this reason, when your dog has a dense and long coat, you should brush it every day, which will make it less likely to get dirty. What about aesthetics? The hair knots, in addition to causing long-term skin problems, are unpleasant. With a good shampoo for your dog, he will parade around the neighborhood with soft, shiny, and silky hair. This can indeed consume a lot of your time, but for the welfare of your pet and yours, it is worth the investment!

My pet has fleas, what kind of shampoo does he need?

It is typical for your dog to bring home any unwanted insects, mostly if he usually plays on lawns or in the neighborhood. In addition to fleas, it is not uncommon for them to appear with ticks and worms. It is not always easy to prevent this from happening, as walking is part of the dog routine; however, there are some things you can do about it.

How to proceed if your four-legged friend has contracted fleas? First, you should use latex gloves to search for intruders on your body and find out where they are. Once you find them, make sure there are more. But it is useless to be desperate or to regret: it is necessary to act as quickly as possible.

Dog sitting in the field.

After going to the vet and purchasing an antiparasitic medication, it is highly recommended to obtain a flea shampoo that also serves as a repellent (if the infestation is not very large). That way, in addition to preventing the appearance of new fleas and ticks, you will be eliminating those that are already in your dog’s coat.

Once your dog is home, bathe him in warm water with two or three handfuls of this shampoo. Dry the animal and keep it at home for a few days. We recommend that you put your toys, blankets, and beds in the washing machine, with hot water, and clean the house well.

What dog shampoo do I need if my pet has scratches?

  • In this case, you must analyze this scratch’s origin, as it can motivate a veterinary consultation. Pay special attention if this scratch doesn’t heal quickly, if you start to see blood, or if your pet is complaining for no apparent reason. One or several reasons are usually identified: Delicate skin: Atopic, sensitive, prone to irritation, or dry.
  • Allergies: To other shampoos or substances, insect bites.
  • Skin infections: Scabies or pyoderma, among others.

In any case, it is highly recommended that you take your pet to the veterinarian as soon as possible in case of an aggressive and lasting scratch. Only a professional can guide you and precisely indicate your pet needs at all times of its life.

How to properly use dog shampoo?

It’s time to bathe your pet. You have the bottle of shampoo in your hand, and you managed to find a way for it not to escape … what now? Well, first, adjust the water temperature, making sure it is warm so that your dog is comfortable and calm. The idea is that he relaxes and doesn’t think about ways to escape. After the first pass with the water, you should soap it with the first handful of shampoo. Try to put a moderate amount of the product, neither too much nor too little. Also, if you overdo the amount, shampoo residues may remain on your pet’s fur, increasing the chances of itching after a shower.

Drying dog hair.

The most recommended is to massage the animal’s hair so that the shampoo reaches the entire body’s skin. Please pay special attention to the ears and eyes, as they are delicate, and your dog will be very uncomfortable during the process. Anyway, the challenge here will be to keep you still throughout the process; something we know is quite tricky!

Finally, rinse it with plenty of water, and you can apply a second handful of shampoo for dogs, depending on your pet’s needs (for short or long hair).

It is an excellent time to strengthen ties with the dog, as he will surely love the caresses and attention he will receive during the bath. Many dogs go crazy during these unique moments.

Purchasing Criteria

You got here. This means that you are very interested in purchasing a quality shampoo for your dog. Because it is a delicate product that affects your pet’s health, it is essential to take some criteria into account when making your purchase.

We hope you understand that buying the first shampoo that appears online is never a good idea. Below, check out the fundamental criteria:

  • Dog Lifestyle
  • Shampoo quality
  • Composition
  • Smell
  • Frequency of use

Dog Lifestyle

Dogs jump, run, lie on the floor, lick … It may seem like they love dirt, but no: they want to make their owners happy. For this reason, no one with a good heart can deprive your pet of those unforgettable walks. Even if they are short-lived, they will always thank you in the way they know best.

The shampoo you will purchase must be manufactured specifically for your dog’s lifestyle and characteristics. A dog that tends to lie down for a long time or is very quiet does not need the same shampoo as one that does not stop. So think hard and, if in doubt, ask for guidance from a trusted veterinarian.

Person washing dog, whose tongue is out.

Shampoo quality

Choosing a dog shampoo of the best quality is a super important factor. After all, if you use this criterion for yourself, why not apply it to your four-legged companion? It is a widespread mistake to think that dogs are made of iron or have no feelings.

Checking the shampoo quality involves reading its label (ingredients, method of application, frequency of use) and not just knowing what the brand is. We also recommend that you look for reviews, whether from professionals or other users. Don’t be afraid to ask; after all, no one was born knowing.

Shampoo composition

Does your dog have skin problems? In this case, avoid shampoos composed of elements such as dyes, parabens, deodorants, salt, or phosphates. These components do nothing but seriously damage the health of your pet’s skin, causing many problems that, if not treated soon, can turn into a real headache.

Instead, choose shampoos that include natural components, such as Aloe Vera, oats, glycerin, honey, soy, or jojoba. That way, your pet’s skin and hair will receive nutrients and be away from itching and infections caused by scratches (with all its complications).

Woman drying the dog's hair.

For example, one of the properties of Aloe Vera is its antibacterial composition, which protects your dog’s skin, in addition to offering anti-inflammatory benefits. Jojoba is a plant whose oil revitalizes the coat, repairing and regenerating the skin. Oats have powerful healing properties.


Not all dogs smell the same. Some tend to maintain a softer smell, while others, even when clean, give off a particular aroma. For this reason, it is essential to choose a good shampoo for dogs that meets these needs. You already know that not all dogs are the same, as is the case with people.

In the market, there are many options. Still, mainly shampoos with fruit extracts (watermelon, strawberry, peach, banana, among others) are widely used since they usually stay longer in the coat and skin of your animal. Also, this type of product makes it even more pleasant to be close to your pet.

Frequency of use

Analyze how often you need to bathe your pet. This depends on age (a puppy does not have the same needs as an adult), skin type, amount of hair, size, or breed, among other criteria. It is also essential to analyze whether you are taking your pet for a walk several times a day, whether very active or more peaceful.

Some dogs can stay a long time without going through the water (usually, it is worth brushing them daily), keeping them clean for 3 to 6 months without problems. However, others need a bath at least once a month.


The canine universe involves many types of care. If you have adopted your puppy and thought it would only be necessary to feed and take him for a walk, we have to tell you that this is just the tip of the iceberg! As you can see, things that seem as commonplace as dog shampoo are decisive in pets’ daily lives.

We are delighted to offer you an analysis of the best products on the market today. We always try to stay on top of the latest news from the world of pets. We sincerely appreciate the time you have spent reading our article. Leave a comment below or share the text on social media.


Dog cart: What’s the best of 2020?

Dog in beach cart

Everyone likes to have a dog at home, aren’t they cute? However, we must also give affection sometimes, so that they feel loved. Have you thought about the next gift for him? Don’t worry, and we will help you with that. The products and options are many and varied, and today we will talk about the dog cart.
We have prepared a guide for you to learn everything about this product. In this way, you can pamper your faithful companion, because he is also part of your family. Let’s look at the best dog strollers along with all their features. Also, we will also talk about users’ most frequent questions.

The most important

  • A dog-cart is ideal for dogs that have some difficulty walking. It also has a significant advantage if you don’t want to carry your dog. It is an excellent alternative for better mobility.
  • A product like this allows for a better ride, without the need for a collar and guide. It is also essential to choose a top-quality dog ​​cart.
  • For this reason, it is necessary to know in depth all the characteristics of the best models to make the most of this item. So you will always enjoy your dog’s company.

The best dog strollers on the market: Our choices

Before choosing any options you have seen in any store, you must be sure of what you need. It is also essential to know the quality, the materials of manufacture, whether it is suitable for your dog. Below, we will present a list of the best products:

  • A cart with protection
  • The most complete and safe dog stroller
  • A practical and comfortable option
The Babys Pet 10kg Brown Dog Cart

The Baby Pets dog stroller is very comfortable and provides an excellent walk for your friend. It has a zippered screen, which can be kept closed or open for the dog’s comfort and well-being. It is foldable and can be stored anywhere. It also has an object holder to take toys or snacks. It is recommended for dogs up to 10kg.

The most complete and safe dog stroller

Pet Cart, TiGGer Pet & Go for Dogs

The Tigger pet stroller will make your ride safe and comfortable. It is made of nylon and steel, with a 360º swivel front wheel that facilitates the ride. It has a raincoat, pockets, and a tray at the bottom, a screen that can be kept open or closed. Assembly and disassembly is straightforward and can be done with just one hand.

A practical and comfortable option

Ferplast Globetrotter Stroller for Animals

This Ferplast stroller is designed for small dogs, up to 9kgs. Made of resistant materials, it has a folding awning and screen for air passage, with a storage basket at the bottom with up to 3kg. The rear wheels have safety locks, and the front wheels with shock absorbers. It is easy to store and transport.

Shopping guide: Everything you need to know about dog strollers

You must know the functions of a dog cart. Do you know its main characteristics? You must be familiar with everything related to this item to choose the best option. We know that our teammates always deserve the best.

By knowing the characteristics of the dog-cart, we will avoid mistakes when buying. You don’t want to spend unnecessary money on low-quality products. The ideal is that it is a useful product and that it can be used to the maximum. Follow all our tips to buy the best product.

man riding a bike with his little puppy

What is a dog cart, and what are its advantages?

It is a means of transport that allows us to have better mobility with our animals on the street. Just as humans prefer to go further afield by car, so do dogs. Also, it presents a significant amount of advantages, both for the animal and the owner. In this article, we will detail everything you need to know. Dog strollers can be found in different materials. There are also several models to meet the needs of each dog.

So it is important to choose a stroller according to your companion. In the following table you can see the advantages and disadvantages of this item:Benefits

  • Better mobility when walking
  • Orthopedic recovery
  • Increased security
  • Tours are more profitable
  • Easy to store


  • The dog may get used and not want to walk anymore
  • Frequent cleaning is necessary
  • The dog can damage the stroller
  • Accumulates bad smell

What types of dog strollers are there?

It is difficult to divide this section into specific categories as there is a wide variety. There are many models on the market with different characteristics.

Therefore, you may not know what is most appropriate for your dog, which would become an issue. But our idea is to make the choice easier, so we will divide the dog strollers by size.

Dog stroller typeFor which dogs?Maximum weight
Small cartChihuahua, Bichon Bolognese, Terrier or French Bulldog10 – 15kg
Medium cartAmerican Poodle, Basenji or Pit BullBetween 15 and 25kg
Large trolleyGerman Shepherd, Mastiff or Saint BernardMore than 25kg
Adjustable trolleyIdeal for those who have several dogs at homeIt depends on the size
Orthopedic trolleyWhen you have a joint or bone problemVaries with size
  • Small dog cart: It is not necessary to invest a lot in a dog-cart, there are affordable and high-quality options. Several models are small in size and support considerable weight. For example, if you have a Chihuahua, you can choose a stroller that can support up to 10kg because more than that can be an unnecessary expense.
  • Stroller for medium dogs: In most cases, the dogs that we have indoors have an average size, we can mention breeds like the Poodle. This is one of the cutest dogs you have, so you will want to enjoy your walks together, wherever you go.
  • Cart for big dogs: Sometimes, big dogs are the most pampered, so it is essential to choose well. A large dog cart can be expensive, but it can offer different advantages. Imagine if you have a German Shepherd, he gets hurt, the vet is far away, and you have no car. It can get complicated, and your dog is at risk.
  • Adjustable dog stroller: There are also adjustable dog strollers and are a great option. In this model, it is essential to choose a top-quality option. It is essential to observe the manufacturing materials so that they are the best and have no problems with wear and deterioration.
  • Dog trolley for medical purposes: Among these, we can find, first, the orthopedic trolleys to correct any anomaly. We also find dog strollers with dysplasia, paralysis, or other disabilities. The goal is to reduce the dog’s suffering as much as possible when taking a walk.

How to properly use the dog-cart?

There are safety measures when using the stroller, and the dog must be adequately protected. What can you do to avoid risks? It would help if you took some precautions when using the dog-cart; remember that it is not a toy. Avoid running with the cart, and you must always use both hands, just in case. When parking, it must also be done in a safe area to avoid inconvenience.

To conclude, it is vitally important that you avoid disturbing others with the cart, to ensure a good profit. Its use is efficient and simple.

Does the climate influence the purchase of a dog-cart?

This aspect is essential when walking the dog in the stroller. Dogs can also suffer from illnesses, colds, and sunburn. Therefore, depending on the climatic situation, you should take some precautions. Below, we will detail some aspects to be considered when purchasing a product like this.

What to do on cold days?

It is essential to put a cold pack in the dog cart. For example, some quilts or sheets that can warm your dog. Just as you can suffer from the intense cold, dogs are also affected by low temperatures, freezing areas, and winter. They can also suffer from colds, and we don’t want to go to the vet.

On the other hand, it is advisable to put on a cold suit, which can be found in specialized stores. There are t-shirts, caves, and even coats that cover the entire dog.

This way, you will avoid any problems when you go out with your dog. It would help if you were as concerned with your dog’s health as possible.

What to do on hot days?

In this case, the opposite may happen, since when the heat is excessive in the environment, it can affect the dogs. What steps can I take in the dog-cart?Of course, you should remove all the items we mentioned before and replace them with fresh clothes. Some stroller models have a kind of cover to protect the dog from the sun’s rays. On the other hand, it is also appropriate to walk in shady areas.

For example, you can walk in the park, go under the trees to prevent your dog from having a heat stroke. In summer, it is best to go out in the morning or at dusk.

How often can I use the dog-cart?

Although the stroller can bring great convenience, it is essential not to abuse it. Otherwise, the dog may be unaccustomed.

Excessive use of the stroller can make the dog unaccustomed.

Human beings should not have a sedentary lifestyle, as it can be harmful to health. It can cause obesity, cardiovascular, and also joint problems. The same is true of dogs, and we don’t want to see them harmed.

Anyway, this is a personal choice and can vary according to needs. A recommendation is to use the cart to walk once or twice a week. On the other hand, if you use the dog-cart a lot, it can deteriorate faster.

How to perform good maintenance on the dog-cart?

We advise a good routine because we know it will generate good results. If you don’t do it that way, the cart could be damaged. Although it does not seem, the stroller, like all other dog accessories, also requires good maintenance and a check. When cleaning, lubricating parts, or repairing, it is best to avoid problems. Good maintenance saves money. If you are careful, it will increase the life of the cart.

Will, my dog ​​like the stroller?

You are certainly excited and want to test a dog cart, but another question arises: will my dog ​​like this product? The best way to know the answer is to test, although in most cases, the dogs are pleased. Below, we will detail a series of recommendations to make your dog comfortable:

  • Some dogs may be afraid, as they are not used to strollers.
  • Never press or force; it must adapt gradually.
  • You can leave the stroller in view for the dog to become familiar.
  • When using the cart, avoid sudden movements.

Purchasing criteria

It is important to analyze everything before buying anything. So let’s look at a few more criteria that you should consider. It is important not to buy the first option you find. Some essential characteristics should not be ignored.

  • Quality
  • Convenience
  • Materials
  • Mobility


The manufacturing materials must be of quality. You should avoid plastic materials as much as they can break. So, the most recommended is to choose stainless steel products.

This recommendation refers to the rods, which must adequately support the dog’s weight. On the other hand, it is essential to check that the fabric is not vulnerable to stains and dirt.

It is also necessary to ensure that it does not break easily so that you do not have to make constant repairs to the product. Below, some additional factors to consider:

  • Load capacity: never buy a cart with low weight capacity just because it is more economical.
  • Wheel size: analyze the area where you will use the cart: on the sidewalk, rural areas, or the city.
  • Safety: here, we can mention brakes or chains and any other item used in an emergency.
  • Design: you should feel comfortable using it.


It would help if you did not buy a stroller that is uncomfortable for your dog. First, he may not feel comfortable and may end up hurting himself. So it is essential to have a money-back guarantee if it doesn’t work.

Before buying the cart, investigate which is the most appropriate. It is recommended, as far as possible, to put yourself in the dog’s place. Imagine riding in a car without any comfort. That you feel tight, unable to breathe, is sure to be unpleasant.

The dog will feel the same and including may bark. It is essential to buy a dog cart that has enough space for your companion.

Portrait of beagle dog


Remember that dogs can experience allergic reactions to different materials. Therefore, it is essential to consult the veterinarian before buying the cart. We don’t want to hurt our friend. Be careful with metal elements.

If rust is present, the dog may have serious problems such as tetanus and may even lose limbs in the worst cases. It is also recommended that the cart’s fabric is soft so as not to cause discomfort or allergies on the skin.


The dog-cart must have adequate mobility because it is a necessary feature in any model. We don’t want the wheels to have obstacles that can make you waste time and make more effort.

The most recommended is to use all that allows 360-degree rotation. The handlebars must also have a correct steering system for the user’s convenience.

In a dog cart, the direction must be simple, so that the dog and its owner feel good. Otherwise, you may end up setting the cart aside.


Without a doubt, you are determined to use a dog cart. They have a lot of advantages, and your dog will feel very comfortable. Whether taking the dog to the vet or taking a walk, strollers are a great option. And to choose the best option, consider our tips.

You must pay close attention to your dog, to give the necessary care and attention. Do not forget that a good part of your responsibility as an owner is to provide adequate food and proper hygiene. If you have all this, you can take advantage of the “best friend of man”: the dog.


Toilet rug: How to choose the best in 2020?

Puppy sitting on toilet mat fixed on wooden floor

In today’s article we will talk about a pet hygiene article that is essential to keep your home clean: the hygienic carpet.
The hygienic mat is ideal for pets that live in an apartment or stay indoors. With it your pet learns to do the physiological needs in just one place and establish a routine. The rug also keeps the house free from the dreaded pools of pee and its characteristic odor, since in addition to absorbing liquids it neutralizes odors.
Follow us on this reading and check out the best product options, in addition to the features you should pay attention to in order to make the best choice of toilet mat for your pet.

First, the most important.

  • Before choosing the hygienic mat, some care is necessary. To ensure efficiency, it must be chosen based on the breed, size, and sex of the pet, taking into account the indications for the use of each model and the appropriate size and design for each pet profile and age.
  • Some of the variables that should be evaluated for the best choice at the time of purchase are brand, model, type of material, size, an indication of use, size and sex, absorption power, among other product characteristics.
  • Usually sold in packs, disposable hygienic mats can cost less than R $ 1 per unit, reaching more than R $ 100 in reusable models.

Ranking: The five best hygienic rugs

An excellent hygienic rug is one that will not only make your pet confident that he has a reserved area to make his needs safe, without being scolded for bad behavior. It can also leave the environment clean and dry without the unpleasant smell of animal urine.

Whether in the disposable or reusable version, with different sizes or shapes, there is undoubtedly an ideal hygienic mat out there for your pet profile. We will present the most exciting models of the product to help you choose. Check out:

1st – Sanol Dog Toilet Rug

Toilet Mat 60 cm X 80 cm

Indicated to condition your pet to make its needs in the correct place, it contains canine attractive. Perfect for keeping the environment always clean and free of unwanted odors. It can be used by more than one dog, whether adult or puppy.

It contains adhesive tape and superabsorbent gel, preventing the pet from getting its feet wet when stepping on the carpet.

2nd – Super Section Hygienic Mat 30 Units – Petix

Petix Supersecão Toilet Mat for Dogs, 30 Units

Developed with quality raw materials, it contains absorbent gel, attractive canine, grooves, adhesives, side flaps, and superior sealing, guaranteeing an always clean and fragrant environment.

It can be used for puppies and adults and measures approximately 80 cm x 60 cm.

Just place the carpet with the blue plastic down and fix it with adhesive tape on the floor for use by the females and on the floor and in the corner of the wall for use by the males, and it will be ready for use.

3rd – Fast canine sanitary Pipi Place training station – OMNII


Suitable for small and medium-sized puppies and adults. Its great advantage is the cap for draining urine.

The modern design allows urine to drain through the grid and stay on the base (tray), avoiding contact with the dog’s paws. Resistant and economical, as it can be used for a long time without using refills or discards.

4th – Disposable Toilet Mat Dog And Cat – Batiki

Disposable Toilet Mats Sanitary Dog And Cat Pack

It assists in your dog or cat’s training to meet your needs only in the place chosen by you. Disposable, they come in packs of 7 units with 56 x 56 cm, being ideal for dogs and cats.

With ultra absorption Sap gel, which guarantees maximum efficiency, result, and absorption.

5th – Ultra Absorbent Pet Toilet Mat – Omnii Fas


With a super absorbent polymer and absorption capacity of 1000 ml, it consists of a gel system that promotes rapid absorption and allows to alleviate odors, in addition to having an attractive canine that helps in locating the carpet.

It has adhesive tapes on the ends, for attachment to the floor, and more excellent safety in use, without moving.

Buying Guide

Did you like the ranking suggestions? Then we go to the Shopping Guide, the section where we will give you tips so that you can choose your pet’s hygienic carpet well and know how to identify the ideal product for your and your pet’s needs.

After all, he is also a family member and deserves excellent care in choosing the products he will use.

Girl lying on the floor together with dog

What is a toilet mat?

The hygienic mat is a product created for pets to do their physiological needs. The product allows you to define the pet’s place to relieve itself, absorbing liquid contents, neutralizing its odors, and facilitating cleaning. They can be of the disposable or reusable type. The disposable works in a similar way to a female intimate absorbent: it can be fixed by an adhesive layer to the desired location, and absorbs and retains liquids, preventing them from spreading beyond the carpet area.

On the other hand, the reusable ones have a tray system that retains the liquid so that it can be discarded later in an appropriate place, also keeping the surrounding environment dry. Both models have technologies to avoid contact of the liquid with the animal’s paws, thus preventing it from spreading wet pee footprints along the way.

What are the advantages of the hygienic carpet?

The hygienic mat is the ideal solution for your pet’s needs when outdoors is not an option. Not only does it keep the house clean and odor-free, it is also an ally in the task of training your pet to do the needs always in the same place. Also, most models neutralize odor, keeping the environment odor-free. It also greatly facilitates the cleaning routine, since it prevents debris from coming into direct contact with the floor or other surfaces, and does not release residues of paint, as occurs with newspapers.

Another advantage of the product is the quick and complete absorption of liquids, avoiding the dreaded pools of pee and keeping the pet with wet paws, leaving undesirable urine footprints around the product.Benefits

  • Help with pet discipline and training
  • Prevents dirt and foul smells around the house
  • Facilitates routine cleaning and asepsis
  • Keeps pet dry and clean


  • Washable models require maintenance

How to use the toilet mat?

The hygienic carpet is very simple: choose a location and position it, respecting your pet’s preferences. Always place the mat away from water, food, and the pet’s bed. Like us, they prefer to relieve themselves far from where they eat and sleep. Observe the indication of the use of the chosen model. Do not exceed the stipulated time for changing the product, as the delay may cause leaks. Whenever you notice that the product has reached its maximum capacity, replace it immediately.
Disposable models can be exchanged, while the washable ones will need to be sanitized before reuse, to prevent malodor and bacteria accumulation.

How to accustom the pet to the use of the hygienic mat?

That the use of the hygienic carpet has many advantages is indisputable, but convincing the pet of the importance of using the product can be a challenge. A good tip during the adaptation phase is to take the pet close to the carpet after meals so that he begins to understand that there is the right place to relieve himself. Another incentive is to praise or offer a treat or treat whenever the pet uses the mat correctly. So he starts to associate the action with a good experience and tends to repeat it always.

Smells can also help. In general, disposable rugs are manufactured with attractions that encourage the animal to relieve itself in the desired location. There are also specific products on the market for spraying the environment and signaling the animal through smells where it is allowed to pee and poop and where it is prohibited.

How much?

Usually sold in packs, disposable hygienic mats can cost less than R $ 1 a unit, reaching more than R $ 100 a unit in reusable models. The so-called economic packages, which have more product units, tend to have more advantageous prices.

Make sure that the package you choose offers the best value for money. The ideal time to compare prices is to calculate the unit value, dividing the package’s value by the number of rugs contained in the package.

Where to buy?

The hygienic pet mat can be found on sale in the most varied models and sizes without much difficulty. You can buy your rug at physical stores specializing in pet products, such as Cobasi, Petz. They can also be purchased at e-commerce stores such as Amazon and Mercado Livre, where it is even possible to order the product in larger quantities at wholesale prices.

Always consider in your calculations and surveys the value of freight for online purchases, as the product is bulky, which can increase the shipping price.

dog sniffing pee on toilet mat while owner caresses

Purchasing criteria: Factors to qualify the different models of a toilet mat

Now that you have a lot of general information about clean rugs, we will list some of the features you can compare to recognize the best rug option to satisfy the pet and its owner. Are they:

  • Size
  • Absorption capacity
  • Model
  • Positioning and fixation possibilities

For the avoidance of doubt, we will detail each of the characteristics below:


Hygienic mats are available in different sizes and formats, the most common being P, M, and G. The P are ideal for small and young animals. At the same time, M and G are suitable for medium and large animals, respectively.

In addition to the variation in size, the carpets’ absorption capacity also changes to meet the most varied sizes of animals, being more significant for large animals and less for puppies and small pets.

Absorption capacity

The hygienic mat’s absorbent power will determine how long the product will be used without the risk of leakage or moisture transfer to the pet’s paws during use. The average recommended use of a hygienic mat is 24 to 48 hours, depending on the product’s size and model.

In general, thicker or heavier rugs are more absorbent. The higher thickness indicates a large amount of cotton, while the weight indicates a high absorbent gel concentration.

Some models also have protective barriers, which increase the product’s durability by preventing the liquid from getting too close to the edge, where moisture may transfer to the floor.

Dog looking up next to toilet mat


Hygienic rugs are available, basically, in two models; disposable or reusable.

The disposable usually equipped with adhesive backing that allows fixing to the floor avoiding unintentional movements of the product. They are ideal for puppies or animals that are not yet used to the product.

The washable ones are reusable: the waste is stored in the base, free from contact with the animal for later disposal. It is recommended for animals already used to doing the needs in the right place. Compare:

IndicationsAll types of pet, especially those that are still learning to use the productAll types of pet, especially those that are used to using the product
OperationAbsorbs excrementStores excrement
DifferentialsCan be fixed to the floor and controls odorsmore economical and sustainable
CleaningJust remove and discard the productDemand cleaning and sanitizing, routine varies according to model

Positioning and fixation possibilities

Each pet size, breed, and sex has its way of relieving itself. Thus, the ideal mat should offer the possibility of positioning according to the characteristics of your pet. Male dogs, for example, urinate on the walls, while females and puppies on the floor.

Adhesive models – which can be self-adhesive or with fixing tapes – generally allow this adaptation, leaving your pet free to relieve themselves and ensuring the proper protection of surfaces.

Washable rugs usually do not allow this versatility, although there are models with suction cups or non-slip to prevent the product from moving during use.


Automatic feeder: How to choose the best in 2020?

Pug breed dog gnawing on a canine biscuit.

Here, you will find reviews on the best products for your four-legged friend. In this article, we’ll take a look at the best automatic feeder models for your pet.

The models we are going to recommend are ideal for those who spend a lot of time away from home. Your dog or cat will never be pushing the empty pot around again and you will be able to travel or dedicate yourself to your work without this worry in your head.

Keep reading to understand a little more about the different types of automatic feeders and make the right choice for your friend to have all the convenience, hygiene and safety when making meals.

First, the most important

  • The automatic feeders are perfect for those who spend a lot of time away from home and want to make sure that your pet will not run out of food.
  • To define the ideal automatic feeder it is necessary to take into account the size and weight of your pet.
  • More modern models can be controlled by application, some of which even allow you to monitor your buddy’s activities through a camera attached to the feeder.

Ranking: The 3 best automatic feeder models

With the boom of the pet market, we found a wide variety of automatic feeders on the market. There are so many types, sizes and features that it is even easy to be in doubt about which model to buy.

To help you with your choice, we have prepared a Ranking with some of the best models:

1º – Automatic Digital Feeder for Dogs and Cats Nippon Real

Automatic Digital Feeder for Dogs and Cats

This most basic automatic feeder model is suitable for small and medium sized dogs and cats. With 40 cm high, 25 cm wide and 20 cm deep, its capacity is 5 liters and it is possible to program up to three daily meals, from ¼ to 3 cups.

The feeder is easy to clean and allows recording of the owner’s voice to call the pet for meals. Type D batteries not included.

2nd – Magma Intelligence Automatic Feeder

Automatic Feeder Intelligence Dog Cat Pink

The Magma feeder can store 1.8 kg of feed (3.8 liters) and allows the pet to determine the amount of food needed using the side lever, which stimulates motor coordination and logic.

The canister is removable and comes with a lid to maintain the freshness of the feed. The feeder has a non-slip base, 37 cm high, 25 cm wide and 36 cm deep.

3rd – PetNeo Intelligent Automatic Feeder

Intelligent Automatic Feeder

Much more than a simple feeder, the PetNeo automatic feeder is practically a baby monitor for your best friend. With a front camera and audio output, it is possible to monitor your pet through an application installed on the cell phone and record your voice calling him to meals.

The feeder is 38 cm high, 25 cm wide and 30 cm deep. With a capacity of up to 6 kg of feed in up to 6 daily doses programmed by cell phone, it is ideal for those who spend a lot of time away from home.

The product can be plugged into an outlet, but it also supports 3 D batteries in the event of a power failure.

Buying Guide

The market for pet products has grown a lot in Brazil in recent years and the options for automatic feeders are quite varied.

To make it easier, we have prepared a Guide to help you choose the best automatic feeder for your faithful companion’s needs.

Boy kneels to pet his dog in the yard.

What is an automatic feeder?

An automatic feeder is a container attached to a gallon that releases feed for your pet little by little, so that he always has food available.

What are the types of automatic feeder?

There are three types of automatic feeder on the market: the common automatic feeder (controlled by the animal itself as it consumes the feed), the automatic digital feeder and the application-controlled automatic feeder. Check out the main characteristics of each of them below:

Common automatic feeder: Model found on the market more easily, is usually made of durable materials that are easy to clean, such as acrylic, plastic or polypropylene.

In most of the available options, the feed is stored in a gallon of transparent plastic and is released into the attached bowl as the pet feeds.

Some models even stimulate the playful side of your pet by allowing it to control the amount of food with a lever that works like a toy.

Automatic digital feeder: A more modern option that allows you to program the exact amount of feed and the frequency of meals. The more expensive models may offer other functions, such as clock and voice recorder.

Application-controlled automatic feeder: Nowadays it is possible to do almost anything by cell phone, and your best friend may also deserve this care.

Essentially, this feeder ensures that your pet will not go hungry. However, the application can offer many other amenities.

The most advanced models even have a camera for monitoring, and you can control the frequency and quantity of each meal even if you are traveling or at work.

Dog holding an empty feed pot.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of an automatic feeder?

The automatic feeders are a hand in the wheel for those who spend a lot of time away from home or simply do not want to run the risk of forgetting to feed the pet.

Some models have extra functions, like surveillance camera and voice recorder so you can call the furry one for meals.

However, there are some disadvantages to note. Despite the convenience, more technological models can weigh in your pocket.

Check the table with the main advantages and disadvantages of an automatic feeder for you to decide once and for all if it is worth investing in one.Benefits

  • Release the feed gradually, so your pet eats more fresh food
  • Ideal for those who are away from home for long periods of time
  • Hold more feed than ordinary bowls
  • Modern models have other functions, such as clock and camera
  • Suitable for animals with special needs


  • May be more difficult to sanitize
  • Cost more than traditional bowls
  • Digital models may require batteries or electrical power
  • Modern models can confuse people unfamiliar with technology
  • Models that use electricity should not take rain

Where to place the automatic feeder?

Automatic feeders controlled by the pet itself that do not have electrical components can be outdoors.

Now, if you intend to invest in an automatic digital feeder or application-controlled, the ideal is to leave it indoors, sheltered from the weather.

Remember: position the feeder away from where your friend needs to avoid contamination of the food, which can be harmful to your health.

Approximate image of feed grains.

How to clean the automatic feeder?

The automatic feeder requires some cleaning care, as it can accumulate dirt such as food waste, hair and animal saliva.

Most feeder models allow the canister to be removed, so this part can usually be washed with mild soap and water.

The most fragile parts or with electronic components should be cleaned only with a damp cloth. At the end, be sure to let the can drain and dry the pot to prevent the proliferation of fungi.

Did you know that the first dog food made in the middle of the 19th century? It was created by James Spratt, an electrician who lived in front of a shipyard and watched animals feed.

He created a food made from wheat, vegetables and meat and patented the formula, whose production on an industrial scale began in 1890.

How much?

The value of an automatic feeder will depend mainly on its functionality.

As a rule, common automatic feeders are usually cheaper, since their mechanism is less complex. You can find basic models for less than R $ 50. The automatic lever feeders, which stimulate intelligence, can be a little more expensive, in the range of R $ 100.

The automatic digital feeders may already have a slightly higher value, since there is an entire electronic system within the structure of the feeder.

These models can reach hundreds of dollars and you should also consider the price of the batteries.

Finally, we have the automatic feeders controlled by application. These feeders are the most modern for pets and this technology has its price: the cheapest models cost around R $ 400.

Where to buy?

According to a study conducted by Instituto Pet Brasil (IPB), the pet market moved approximately R $ 34 billion in 2018 alone. This puts Brazilians in second place in the ranking of the largest consumers of this type of product.

Therefore, it is not surprising that it is possible to find automatic feeders in any pet store – and they are spread everywhere, especially in large cities.

Large supermarkets, such as Carrefour and Extra, also usually offer some models in the aisles dedicated to pets and gardening.

If you live in a city with few pet shops and haven’t found anything to your liking, one way out is to bet on the wonders of the internet and access the Petz or Petlove website.

Large online stores, such as Amazon, Submarino or Shoptime also offer a selection of automatic feeders. On Amazon you can find the models of this ranking.

Purchasing Criteria: How to Compare the Automatic Feeder Models

Kittens and puppies are members of the family and we all care about their well-being, don’t we?

Investing in a suitable automatic feeder makes all the difference in the world for those who are very busy or have a pet with special dietary needs.

And we want to help you make the best choice to make your life more practical and ensure that the furry never has an empty stomach. For this, we have separated some criteria that you should be aware of:

  • Model
  • Size
  • Material
  • Extra features

Now follow each of these criteria in detail to know how to make the best choice:


The first purchase criterion to be defined is the automatic feeder model.

As we saw earlier, it is possible to find everything from cheaper models controlled by the pet itself to modern feeders monitored by applications.


Compared to ordinary feed pots, automatic feeders are larger. This is due to the fact that it comes with a tank attached to the feed.

The size of the compartment varies: there are smaller models, with a capacity of 1 kg up to much larger models.

To define the ideal size, you must take into account the size of the animal, the number of times it eats per day and the time you usually spend outside the home.

Check the table below to get an estimate of the daily amount of feed your puppy needs:

Dog sizeDaily amount of feed
Miniature size (up to 5 kg)6% of the dog’s weight
Small size (5 to 10 kg)5% of the dog’s weight
Medium size (10 to 22 kg)5% of the dog’s weight
Large size (from 22 to 40 kg)4.5% of the dog’s weight
Giant size (more than 40 kg)4% of the dog’s weight

With this table as a basis, it is possible to know if the automatic feeder will meet your needs. A large dog will not adapt to a small feeder.

Likewise, it may be overkill to buy the largest pot available for a miniature furry.

For cats, we have the following table:

Cat sizeDaily amount of feed
Up to 2 kg25-40 g
2-3 kg35-50 g
4-5 kg40-60 g
6 kg55-85 g
7 kg60-90 g
8 kg70-100 g
9 kg75-110 g
10 kg80-120g


Another criterion that must be taken into account when choosing the perfect automatic feeder for your buddy is the material in which it is manufactured.

The feeder must be made of a resistant material (especially if left outside your home) and easy to be sanitized, to prevent your little friend from getting sick.

Dog using an automatic feeder on the carpet in the living room.

How to clean the automatic feeder?

The automatic feeder requires some cleaning care, as it can accumulate dirt such as food waste, hair and animal saliva.

Most feeder models allow the canister to be removed, so this part can usually be washed with mild soap and water.

The most fragile parts or with electronic components should be cleaned only with a damp cloth. At the end, be sure to let the can drain and dry the pot to prevent the proliferation of fungi.

Did you know that the first dog food made in the middle of the 19th century? It was created by James Spratt, an electrician who lived in front of a shipyard and watched animals feed.

He created a food made from wheat, vegetables and meat and patented the formula, whose production on an industrial scale began in 1890.

How much?

The value of an automatic feeder will depend mainly on its functionality.

As a rule, common automatic feeders are usually cheaper, since their mechanism is less complex. You can find basic models for less than R $ 50. The automatic lever feeders, which stimulate intelligence, can be a little more expensive, in the range of R $ 100.

The automatic digital feeders may already have a slightly higher value, since there is an entire electronic system within the structure of the feeder.

These models can reach hundreds of dollars and you should also consider the price of the batteries.

Finally, we have the automatic feeders controlled by application. These feeders are the most modern for pets and this technology has its price: the cheapest models cost around R $ 400.

Where to buy?

According to a study conducted by Instituto Pet Brasil (IPB), the pet market moved approximately R $ 34 billion in 2018 alone. This puts Brazilians in second place in the ranking of the largest consumers of this type of product.

Therefore, it is not surprising that it is possible to find automatic feeders in any pet store – and they are spread everywhere, especially in large cities.

Large supermarkets, such as Carrefour and Extra, also usually offer some models in the aisles dedicated to pets and gardening.

If you live in a city with few pet shops and haven’t found anything to your liking, one way out is to bet on the wonders of the internet and access the Petz or Petlove website.

Large online stores, such as Amazon, Submarino or Shoptime also offer a selection of automatic feeders. On Amazon you can find the models of this ranking.

Purchasing Criteria: How to Compare the Automatic Feeder Models

Kittens and puppies are members of the family and we all care about their well-being, don’t we?

Investing in a suitable automatic feeder makes all the difference in the world for those who are very busy or have a pet with special dietary needs.

And we want to help you make the best choice to make your life more practical and ensure that the furry never has an empty stomach. For this, we have separated some criteria that you should be aware of:

  • Model
  • Size
  • Material
  • Extra features

Now follow each of these criteria in detail to know how to make the best choice:


The first purchase criterion to be defined is the automatic feeder model.

As we saw earlier, it is possible to find everything from cheaper models controlled by the pet itself to modern feeders monitored by applications.


Compared to ordinary feed pots, automatic feeders are larger. This is due to the fact that it comes with a tank attached to the feed.

The size of the compartment varies: there are smaller models, with a capacity of 1 kg up to much larger models.

To define the ideal size, you must take into account the size of the animal, the number of times it eats per day and the time you usually spend outside the home.

Check the table below to get an estimate of the daily amount of feed your puppy needs:

Dog sizeDaily amount of feed
Miniature size (up to 5 kg)6% of the dog’s weight
Small size (5 to 10 kg)5% of the dog’s weight
Medium size (10 to 22 kg)5% of the dog’s weight
Large size (from 22 to 40 kg)4.5% of the dog’s weight
Giant size (more than 40 kg)4% of the dog’s weight

With this table as a basis, it is possible to know if the automatic feeder will meet your needs. A large dog will not adapt to a small feeder.

Likewise, it may be overkill to buy the largest pot available for a miniature furry.

For cats, we have the following table:

Cat sizeDaily amount of feed
Up to 2 kg25-40 g
2-3 kg35-50 g
4-5 kg40-60 g
6 kg55-85 g
7 kg60-90 g
8 kg70-100 g
9 kg75-110 g
10 kg80-120g


Another criterion that must be taken into account when choosing the perfect automatic feeder for your buddy is the material in which it is manufactured.

The feeder must be made of a resistant material (especially if left outside your home) and easy to be sanitized, to prevent your little friend from getting sick.

Dog using an automatic feeder on the carpet in the living room.

Extra features

The most modern automatic feeders can offer other features to make your life easier and make your friend much happier.

If you are away from home for long periods, you may want to invest in a feeder that can be controlled remotely. Some models even function as a baby monitor, photographing and filming your pet so that you can accompany him from anywhere in the world.


Dog comb: How to choose the best model in 2020

Today we will talk about the dog comb, an essential accessory to maintain the health, well-being and good looks of your best friend.

The comb helps to untangle the knots, eliminate parasites, such as fleas and ticks, assist in the period of hair exchange and keep the coat shiny and healthy.

But it is essential that you choose a comb suitable for your pet’s size, breed and hair type. To assist you in this task, we have prepared this article, with all the information you need to know about this accessory. Good reading!

First, the most important

  • You can find different types of combs for dogs: to eliminate parasites, help in the exchange of animal hair, specific to the eye area, etc.
  • Animals with short hairs should be combed once or twice a week. Dogs with long, straight or curly hair should be combed daily to avoid knot formation.
  • When choosing a dog comb take into account the breed and size of your pet. Also analyze the model, size and ease of handling of the comb.

Ranking: The 4 best dog comb models

As you may have noticed, comb for dogs is not all the same. To help you choose the ideal model for your pet we have selected the best products below.

1º – Comb for dog Western Pet

Comb with Razor For Dogs West Western Pet for Dogs

The Western Pet dog comb is versatile, as it consists of two pieces: one side is a conventional comb and the other is a razor comb, which removes excess animal hair in a superficial way.

The razor side consists of two blades. This accessory is ideal for dogs and cats with medium and long hair.

2nd – Western Pet electric comb

Electric Comb for Dogs and Cats Western Pet for Dogs

The Western Pet electric comb is very effective, because at the same time it is used for combing, it also untangles the knots and removes tangles, thanks to the blade system with motorized rotation.

But don’t worry, the blades do not come into contact with the animal’s skin, so there is no risk of hurting it. You can use the electric comb on the body, head and legs. The accessory is battery powered (four AAA type).

3rd – Magic glove for dogs

Nano Magnetic Comb Glove Strip By Pet Shop Dogs Animals To Brush Dogs And Cats Beauty

The magic glove is an accessory that serves to comb and massage the animal at the same time. The dual function is provided by the 180 silicone tips that enhance the effectiveness of the accessory.

The cool thing is that the hairs adhere to the glove by magnetism, this way it is easier to collect and discard them. The magic glove is recommended for dogs with short or medium hair. The accessory is adjustable to all hand sizes.

4th – SubPelos Wahl Remover Comb

No products found.

The Wahl dog comb is ideal for use during bathing or grooming, as it removes the dog’s undercoat and combs it. The comb has 26 stainless steel blades and an ergonomic silicone handle.

To avoid injury to the animal’s skin, avoid sliding the comb through the spine and joints. Excessive use should be avoided, as it can cause the upper layer of hair to become dull.

Buying Guide

Having a pet at home requires responsibility, availability and affection. An indispensable task is to comb it at least once a week and it does not have to be tiring for you, nor painful for the animal.

You only need a dog comb specific to the characteristics and needs of the animal. Want to know what this model is? Check the information in this Buying Guide.

Image of a woman combing a dog.

What is a dog comb?

The dog comb is an essential accessory in the care of the animal, regardless of whether the hair is short, medium or long, as the procedure keeps the health of your best friend up to date.

But it must be done calmly and carefully, so as not to hurt the pet’s skin. Among the benefits we can highlight:

  • Untangles, smoothes and shines hair.
  • Reduces hair loss.
  • Stimulates blood circulation.
  • Keeps the dog’s skin lubricated as it helps to distribute animal fat.
  • Facilitates the elimination of dead hair at the time of exchange.
  • Removes any dirt from the hair.
  • Eliminates parasites, such as fleas and ticks.
Image of a sitting dog looking up at the camera focus.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of using the dog comb?

Combing the dog’s hair should be a habit, especially in winter, because when the hair is embarrassed they fail to fulfill their main function at this time of the year: protecting against the cold.

Use a dog comb with long, spacious teeth before brushing an animal with medium or long coat, this way you will eliminate all knots.

Using the product has more advantages than cons, check out:Benefits

  • It is a daily use item
  • You find models for animals with different sizes and shapes of fur
  • You can easily find this accessory in any pet store
  • It’s a cheap accessory


  • It is necessary to buy more than one type of dog comb
  • Requires owner discipline

Why is it important to comb a dog?

Combing a dog’s hair is essential for the animal’s health, because when the hair is long and full of knots, the skin is prevented from breathing and this causes many negative consequences.

One of them is that if your dog has fleas or ticks, the medicine will not be able to pass through these nodes and eliminate the parasites (although they can pass through the animal).

In addition, when the hair is full of knots, you cannot see the folds of the animal’s skin, and this can be very dangerous during grooming (a process in which the hair is trimmed or removed).

Image of a dog.

How often should I comb the dog?

The frequency with which you must comb your dog varies according to the size and shape of the animal’s hair. If the hair is short, you should comb it only once a week, or twice, if it is during the period of changing hair (spring and autumn).The ideal is to comb your pet every day.

If your pet has medium or long hair, it is essential to comb it every day, because only in this way will you avoid the dreaded knots that can form in the animal’s coat. If you can’t comb every day, do it whenever you can.

But be very careful, to avoid hurting the animal’s skin during the process. Tip: if you comb the dog every day, the process is easier, faster and less painful.

Image of a dog being combed.

What type of dog comb should I use on my pet?

There is a wide variety of types of dog combs. To choose the ideal model, you must establish what the characteristics and needs of the animal are. The main types are:

  • Metal comb: It is a classic model, very efficient to remove by the dead (which have already fallen, but are trapped by the other wires).
  • Comb to untangle: It is ideal to untie knots in dogs with large hair. It is also indicated for periods of hair exchange. It has a special blade that removes the hair superficially, without hurting the animal.
  • Comb to remove fleas: It has the bristles close together to eliminate fleas from the dog’s hair.
  • Comb for the eye area: They are smaller and more delicate, developed to remove the dirt that is in the corners of the pet’s eyes.
  • Electric comb: It serves both to untangle knots and to eliminate parasites. The operation can be based on batteries or batteries.
Short teeth combWide-toothed comb
Indication of useIdeal for cleaning the animalIdeal for detangling hair
What hair size is recommendedAll types of coatIdeal for medium or long haired animals

How much?

The dog comb is not an expensive accessory. You can buy a good comb for about R $ 30. The electric comb is a little more expensive, it costs about R $ 50.

Where to buy?

You can buy the dog comb at pet stores like Bem Locão, Pet Maxi, Cobasi and Petz. If you prefer, you can buy the product online, on sites like Amazon, Petlove and Mercado Livre.

Purchase Criteria: Factors for comparing dog comb models

If you’ve made it this far, you might realize that choosing a dog comb is not as simple as it looks. It is important to analyze and compare some aspects before purchasing this accessory:

  • Comb type
  • Occupation
  • Size
  • Ease of handling

We will explain each of these topics throughout the section.

Comb type

When choosing a dog comb, it is important to analyze the breed, size, type and size of the hair. For dogs with short hair , the ideal is to use a brush, as it removes dead hair and possible parasites.

The average by the dogs or longer require more care. We recommend that you use a comb with separate teeth, as the accessory will untangle the knots very efficiently and finish with a brush.

Image of a woman hugging a dog.


A feature that changes from one comb to another is the function of the accessory. You can find your own models to untangle hair, remove dead hair, to the eye area and even to eliminate parasites.

Therefore, carefully analyze your dog’s characteristics and needs before purchasing a comb or brush. And in many cases you will need more than one model.


The size of the comb is a very important purchase criterion, because you must choose this accessory according to the physical size of the animal. Models vary in small, medium and large size.

Image of a woman combing a large dog.

Ease of handling

It is important that the comb is easy to handle, as this facilitates the process for you and the pet. Give preference to models with rubberized or wooden handles.

Also analyze the material of the comb, which should be comfortable, so as not to hurt the animal’s skin.


Flea collar: Which are the best in 2020

Brown bulldog with orange collar lying on a white background and with an orange ball

Today, let’s take a look at an item that can be a great ally in maintaining your pet’s health and hygiene: the anti-flea collar.

Nobody wants to see their pet suffering from uncomfortable itches, or worse: diseases caused by these parasites. We have created this smart guide to help you make the best possible choice for your buddy, so that he is protected and you are at peace. Come on?

First, the most important

  • Anti-flea collars are very cost-effective, as they can last for up to 9 months.
  • There are collars for dogs and cats, collars for dogs only and collars for cats only.
  • Pregnant animals, breastfeeding, allergies or wounds should not use the flea collar – it is recommended to choose another method.

The best flea collars: Our recommendations

If you have a kitten or puppy and want to protect it from parasites like fleas and ticks, we have some well-reviewed product recommendations to make your search easier. Take a look:

  • Anti-flea collar for large dogs
  • Anti-flea collar for cats
  • Anti-flea collar for puppies or small dogs

Anti-flea collar for large dogs

Leevre 63Cm

Collar suitable for large dogs, with a maximum circumference of 38 cm buttoned. It fights fleas, ticks and the mosquito that transmits leishmaniasis for up to 6 months.

Anti-flea collar for cats

Tea Konig Antiparasitic Leash for Dogs and Cats

Recommended collar for cats, keeps fleas and ticks away for up to 5 months.

Anti-flea collar for puppies or small dogs


The collar prevents fleas and ticks in puppies or small dogs. It is effective for up to 5 months and the manufacturer recommends not to get wet. The product releases a powder that does not leave the animal’s hair oily.

Buying Guide

Your buddy deserves the best care, and avoiding discomfort and illnesses caused by parasites is one of the greatest caresses you can give.

In order for you to choose the most suitable product for your companion, read our Shopping Guide and ask some common questions about flea collars.

 Woman in shorts walks her brown labrador in a park

How does a flea collar work?

The anti-flea collar must be adjusted on the animal’s neck, and releases toxins through a powder that kills fleas and ticks without causing damage to the pet’s health.

The release of these toxins occurs gradually, as the animal’s hair grazes the collar with its movement.

How long does a flea collar last?

The useful life of an anti-flea collar, that is, the time it acts and protects your animal against parasites, varies greatly according to the product.The flea collar can last from 2 to 9 months.

It is possible to find cheaper collars with a duration of 2 months, but you can also invest in collars with long action, up to 9 months. Anyway, it is important to note that flea collars are usually more effective after 30 days.

Is there a difference between flea collars for dogs and cats?

It is very important to distinguish between flea collars for dogs and cats, because felines are generally smaller and lighter and the choice of the appropriate product should be made based on the size of the animal.

There are flea collars that work for both small dogs and cats and there are specific collars for cats. This information is always present on the labels and is very easy to find.

At what age can I put the anti-flea collar on my pet?

Most manufacturers recommend using a flea collar from 6 weeks of age, but always check the label on the packaging to make sure you are buying the right product.

While your buddy is a puppy, the ideal is to invest in flea collars with shorter protection duration, as he will grow and you will have to exchange the collar for a new one, of the appropriate size.

Dog lying face up on lawn

Does flea collar harm my pet’s health?

The anti-flea collar is completely safe and does not harm your pet’s health if used correctly, observing the manufacturer’s instructions. The toxins released in the animal’s hair are harmful only to parasites.

Here, it is worth just an addendum: if your pet is allergic, consult a trusted veterinarian to see if it is possible to use the collar. Anti-flea collars can cause irritation or itching in pets with more sensitive skin. If you notice that your pet is uncomfortable or scratching the place, stop using the product.

Pregnant females or breastfeeding puppies should also not use the flea collar during the period.

What care should I take with the anti-flea collar?

Anti-flea collars are formulated to protect against parasites without harming your pet’s health. However, like all medications, carefully read the manufacturer’s instructions for use and take the following precautions:

  • Don’t let your mate bite the leash. The collar is topical, that is, external use on the skin. Ingesting toxins can be very bad, so make sure that the anti-flea collar is not leftover the neck so your pet does not chew the object. To avoid this problem, in addition to buying the collar for the right size, you can cut the surplus material with scissors.
  • Check the package insert or package to see if the acquired anti-flea collar can be wet or if you should remove it from the animal before bathing or taking it to the beach or pool.
  • Do not use flea collars that have passed the expiration date.
  • Do not use anti-flea collars on injured skin.
  • Place the anti-flea collar on your pet’s neck with a 2-finger gap. That way, the collar will be comfortable, but will not move.
  • Wash your hands thoroughly with soap after handling the flea collar.

Did you know that it is not enough to just put a flea collar on your pet, it is necessary to get rid of parasites in the environment?

To do this, vacuum very carefully throughout the house. Then, mix half a liter of lemon juice, two liters of water and four liters of vinegar, put the solution in a spray and pass the mixture throughout the room, leaving it to act for 2 hours. Then, vacuum again.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of an anti-flea collar?

The flea collar has several benefits, but it also has some annoyances. See the table below that we set up with the main advantages and disadvantages of the flea collar to decide if it is, in fact, the most suitable option against parasites for your animal:Benefits

  • Easier to administer than tablets and lozenges
  • Duration between 2 to 9 months
  • Does not leave oily hair like some topical medications
  • There are models for dogs and cats


  • Cannot be placed on pregnant or nursing females
  • Cannot be used on injured skin
  • Puppies can grow and lose their leash before effectiveness ends
  • Some models cannot be wetted

Purchasing Criteria: What to consider before buying a flea collar

It is very important to choose the flea collar appropriate to your pet’s needs so as not to cause any discomfort. To do this, you must observe some factors:

  • Animal weight
  • Comfort
  • Protection duration
  • Cost benefit

Let’s explain each one of them correctly below:

Animal weight

The first thing you should take into consideration before making your purchase is the size of your pet. In the case of anti-flea collars, it is possible to choose by weight range and, consequently, size P, M or G.

What changes with each flea collar size? Basically, the collar circumference and the amount of toxins. And this is very important because it defines the effectiveness of the product.

A P collar on a medium-sized dog will be tight and, worse, will not have the level of toxins needed to protect your pet. Likewise, if you use a collar for a size larger than your pet, you can intoxicate it.

Three Beagle puppies yawning in front of a yellow background


It is essential that your pet is comfortable with the collar so that he does not try to remove it. For this, always remember to leave a gap of 2 fingers between the animal’s neck and the product and, of course, bet on the anti-flea collar for the size of your pet – so the fit will be more appropriate.

Protection duration

All manufacturers of flea collars make it clear on the packaging what the product’s protection period is. The cheaper versions offer 2 months of protection, but it is possible to find collars that promise up to 9 months of safety against parasites.

Cost benefit

To find out if a flea collar is cost-effective, the bill is quite simple: divide the price of the collar by the number of months it offers protection.

That way, you’ll know if it’s worth paying more for a collar that lasts longer, and can be a great way to save.


Dog seat belt: See how to choose the best model in 2020

Image of dog fastened in the back seat by a seat belt

Today, we are going to talk about the dog seat belt and how to use it safely.

Designed to take your dog safely whenever needed, whether for a walk or a visit to the vet, belts are essential. Check out our article for more information.

First, the most important

  • It is essential that the seat belt conforms to your puppy’s size and weight.
  • The belt is not only a safety for the pet, but also for the driver, preventing distractions and accidents.
  • Never use the belt attached to the dog’s neck, as this can cause strangulation.

Best dog seat belts: Tips from our newsroom

Currently there are several models and options of seat belts, each one specially developed for different breeds and sizes. Here are some tips we’ve selected for you:

  • The model for owners looking for practicality
  • A seat belt for the most discreet owners
  • The option for those who don’t give up colors

The model for owners looking for practicality

Seat belt for safe dog transportation (Print)

Kingpet’s seat belt is ideal for owners looking for a two-in-one product, as it can also be converted into a guide for two dogs, for out-of-car rides. It is made of 100% polyester material and high quality carabiner, with a minimum length of 94 cm and a maximum length of 102 cm.

A seat belt for the most discreet owners

Safety Belt for Pets Multilaser Dog and Cat - Au342

Designed to be used with all types of pectorals, this seat belt is more discreet and safe, using the same material used in the car’s belts. With a minimum length of 52 cm and a maximum of 82 cm, it supports dogs up to 20 kg.

The option for those who don’t give up colors


Why not take your pet for a walk in style, all without giving up your safety and his? With that in mind, Western offers belts in different colors, measuring 51.5 cm in length, made of PP and zinc and regulators for dogs of different sizes.

Buying Guide

Dogs love to drive, but it is extremely important that this is done safely and responsibly. That’s why a good seat belt for man’s best friend is so important.

And, with so many models available on the market, finding the ideal one can be a real challenge. Then, see our Buying Guide with more information and usage tips.

Image of dog fastened by a seat belt in a car with the window open

What is the legislation on the transport of dogs in vehicles?

The Brazilian Traffic Code (CTB) does not prohibit the transportation of animals in vehicles, but there are some rules and guidelines that must be followed to prevent fines.

First, Art. 252 says that the transport of animals to the driver’s left, whether between the arms or the legs, results in an average infraction, with a fine and 4 points in the National Driver’s License (CNH).

You can also get a fine for carrying it on your lap, in the luggage compartment or other external area of ​​the vehicle, which results in a serious violation according to Art. 235, resulting in a fine and even the retention of the vehicle.

How to properly use the dog seat belt?

In addition to fines, no one wants to be involved in an accident and injure the dog during a walk, so proper seat belt use is vital.

The first tip is to never attach the belt to collars, as this can suffocate and even strangle the animal in the event of a collision or sudden movements. Always opt for the pectorals.

And, even with the belt, it is not recommended to place the dog in the passenger seat, as this can be very distracting to the driver.

Now, if you are the happy owner of a more active and playful dog, or if he is sick, it is best to use a transport box attached to the back seat with the help of the vehicle’s seat belt.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the dog seat belt?

The seat belt for dogs is a practically mandatory item, after all it protects your pet in the event of collisions and accidents, prevents it from jumping out the window and prevents the driver’s attention deficit.

However, some dogs may take a while to adjust with the belt and the wrong size can cause discomfort, so do a little research until you find the ideal model.Benefits

  • Protects the dog in the event of collisions and accidents
  • Prevents him from jumping out the window
  • Prevents driver’s attention deficit


  • Some dogs take time to adjust with the belt
  • The wrong size can cause discomfort

What are the different types of dog seat belts?

Currently, seat belts are divided into three categories. The most traditional is that of a point, great for smaller animals, allowing greater mobility in the bank. They are also among the cheapest.

The two-point belt, on the other hand, is ideal for the most restless dogs, because by attaching to two points on the passenger seat, it immobilizes the animal better. They can be found in an intermediate price range.

Finally, costing a little more, some belts offer multiple guides, so you can safely take two or more dogs attached to a single point.

A dotTwo pointsMultiples
Indication of useFor smaller animalsFor the most restless dogsFor two more dogs
BenefitsAllows greater mobility in the bankBy being attached to two points of the belt, it immobilizes the animal betterKeeps multiple pets safe in one spot on the belt
PriceThey are the cheapest on the marketThey are in an intermediate price rangeThe price varies according to the number of guides

What are the risks of using the dog belt incorrectly or not?

Unfortunately, accidents happen. That is why it is so important to prevent and reduce risks, especially when you are transporting your pet with you.

In addition to the risks involving collisions, dogs are active, playful animals and can react to external stimuli in an unexpected way, such as trying to jump out the window with the car in motion.

And, if he is not restricted, he may end up looking for the owner’s attention, whether in search of affection or games. And with the car in motion, this is extremely dangerous.

In addition to the belt, prepare the back seat especially for your pet, with toys and distractions that he likes.

Did you know that in a collision at an average speed of 50 km / h, a 10 kg dog projected forward starts to weigh 250 kg?

Purchase Criteria: How to choose the best dog seat belt

When it comes to our pets, there is little care. And, for them to be healthier, nothing better than taking them safely for a good walk.

But, before buying, you must be aware of some criteria to make the right choice. Look:

  • Material
  • Size
  • Colors and prints
  • Lock type

After carefully reading each of the topics below, your puppy will be more than safe to enjoy a car ride with you and your family.


One of the main factors to observe is the material in which the belt and the guide are produced. This helps to ensure not only the durability and strength of the product, but also prevents accidents.

After all, there is no worse scenario for the belt to come loose or burst in the event of a collision or more sudden movements. So, always observe the manufacturer’s specifications.

Today, most manufacturers use nylon, polyester or other synthetic materials in their manufacture. It is also important to check the quality of the metal used in the locks.

Image of dog fastened by seat belt with his head out the window


The belt size is also something you should be careful about, choosing according to the breed and size of the animal.

Ideally, it allows the dog to move around in the back seat, allowing him to sit or lie down when tired.

However, it should restrict your access to the driver and passenger seats to avoid accidents and distractions.

Colors and prints

Although safe, dog seat belts need not be dull. With that in mind, many manufacturers offer colorful models with fun prints.

And, considering that many models are easily transformed into walking guides, it is worth investing a little for your dog to differentiate itself and attract attention during his walks.

Image of dog looking out of the car window while fastened by a red seat belt

Lock type

The dog safety belt has two locking systems: The one that is attached to the pet’s chest and the other that is attached to the seat belt fitting.

The second type is usually standard, compatible with all types of commercial cars. The first may vary, in plastic or metal models. In such cases, perform some tests to make sure that the lock will not come loose with the dog’s movement.


Kennel: What is the best for your dog in 2020

In the photo a Labrador dog lying inside a kennel.

Dogs are considered man’s best friends. For this reason, many tutors do not give up on offering the best for them.

There are several kennel models. There are those built in backyards, portable ones and even those used inside pet shops. In this article we will show you everything about them so that you can choose the best for your pet.

First, the most important

  • The best kennel model is built in masonry, but there are good options in wood and metal.
  • The kennel must have the appropriate dimensions for each size of dog and needs to keep it comfortable inside.
  • It is essential to place the kennel in a safe place and ensure that it is not stuffy and has good ventilation.

Best kennel models: Our recommendations

The kennel is a product that can be purchased ready-made or that can be built. In terms of practicality, ready-made models are the best and there are several options. Some stand out and we separate them all below.

  • The ideal model for puppies and small dogs
  • The best option for pet shops
  • The easiest kennel model to assemble

The ideal model for puppies and small dogs

Kennel with Black Door Nf Pet for Dogs, Black

This kennel model is portable and serves as a pen for puppies and small dogs. It is of the folding type, which facilitates its transport, and has a door, which serves for entry and exit of animals. This option is made of steel and has black paint with high gloss epoxy paint.

The best option for pet shops

Kennel Cage 8 Animals Bath and Grooming

This kennel model has stalls for 8 animals and is made of galvanized solid steel. It has all its removable components and can be adjusted according to needs. In addition, this option has 3 floors, stalls of different sizes and is available in silver.

The easiest kennel model to assemble

Fenced Kennel Dog Rabbits Dogs 1 / 90cm + Gate

This kennel option is very easy to assemble and can be structured in several different formats. It can be installed in backyards and even indoors and does not need holes in the wall or floor. This kennel is made of metal and is painted with epoxy paint in white.

Buying Guide

Kennel is an item that has existed for many years. Present in several homes, it serves as a refuge for dogs and keeps them away from cold, rain or heat. It is found in various versions and thanks to this it adapts to all spaces and needs.

Ideal for dogs of all sizes, the kennel is a great alternative to houses and walkways. If you are looking for one of these, just read this purchase guide until the end, because in it you will know everything about that product.

In the photo a girl with a puppy.

What is a kennel and where can it be placed?

As soon as the kennel appeared, it was basically an area reserved for dogs to stay outside the house. However, over the years this product has changed a lot and its ways of use as well.

Nowadays the kennel is still widely used in backyards, but there are situations where it is placed indoors. Currently it is common to see kennels inside pet stores. They serve as a waiting place for bathing or waiting for the arrival of pet owners.

There are also tutors who use this product only so that the dogs dry after bathing or do not interfere with domestic chores.

The word Kennel can also be used for places where animals are bred for breeding. That way, there is Maltese kennel, Bulldog kennel and more.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of having a kennel?

The kennel is a product that greatly facilitates the daily lives of those who have dogs or who work with them. This is because it serves as a way to restrict the movement of animals to areas that are not allowed.

Another positive point is that it works as a shelter for dogs. This way, especially the masonry versions, manage to keep them away from the sun, rain and even cold.

In addition, the kennel can be found in several models and sizes. This facilitates its use by different animals without making them uncomfortable or cramped.

However, some kennel models are not entirely comfortable for dogs. Many steel models have a hollow floor and very small animals can trap their paw in them.

Another important point is that those without cover should not be used outdoors, as they do not protect animals from the sun or rain.

Not to mention that some dogs may feel trapped in the kennel and try to escape.Benefits

  • Can restrict the entry of animals in places that are not allowed
  • Serves as a shelter for dogs
  • It is made in different models and sizes
  • Can be placed in different places


  • Steel models do not protect from climate change
  • Small dogs can curl their foot on the kennel floor if it is leaked
  • Some dogs feel trapped and try to escape

Is the kennel good for the animal’s health?

Kennel is a product that can do both good and bad for the health of the animal.

When talking about outdoor areas, closed kennels, such as masonry kennels, are very positive for the well-being of pets. This is because they will protect them from climatic variations and also from the presence of other animals.

However, this does not happen with steel models, which are open and in case of rain they will let the dog get wet.

It is also positive for places where there are large amounts of dogs together. This is because by placing each animal in a kennel they will be separated and thus preventing fights and the transmission of diseases.

In the photo a dog inside a kennel with a person petting him.

How to set up a kennel?

The kennel assembly process depends a lot on the chosen model. Many steel versions are already purchased ready-made and just place them in the desired location. On the other hand, the options in masonry or wood require a little more work.

If choosing one of these models, it is essential to take into account some factors before starting construction.

  • Positioning: Always build the kennel in a place where the sun only hits in the morning.
  • Floor: For the inside area of ​​the kennel, easy-to-clean floors such as ceramic should be used. For the external area, a rougher floor is more suitable.
  • Roof: Clay tiles are the best roof option for the kennel, as they promote greater thermal comfort to the place.
  • Doors: The kennel door must be made of a resistant material so that the dogs do not damage it. Metal and wood are good options.
  • Size: Make sure that both inside and outside the kennel the dog can move freely.

What are the main kennel models?

There are basically three kennel models that can be chosen for dogs.

The most traditional are those made of wood or masonry. This option has a more closed structure and usually has bars on the sides. In addition, this model is divided into a covered indoor area and an uncovered outdoor area.

Another model is the metal cage kennel. Much found in pet shops, this option usually has some floors and has the front and side with bars. This version is ideal only for animals to spend short periods and does not protect them much from the climate.

Finally, there is the enclosed or folding kennel. This is widely used in homes and is indicated only to restrict the area where animals will move.

Masonry or wood kennelKennel type cageFenced type kennel
How is itIt has an internal area that serves for the animal to sleep and an external area for it to circulateIt has floors and the dogs are separated in stallsIt only has grids to delimit the circulation area of ​​the animals
StrengthsIt is the most comfortable and the one that most protects animals from climate changeServes to keep animals separated in pet shops and other spaces with different dogsIt is portable and can be mounted anywhere
DisadvantagesRequires more labor to build and takes up more spaceLittle protection of animals from climatic variations and more limited spaceIt has no roof and is more fragile

How much does it cost and where to buy a kennel?

You can purchase ready-made kennel models at pet stores and stores that sell products for pet stores and veterinary clinics. That way, you can easily find this product in places like Petz, Cobasi, Amazon and Americanas.

The value of the kennel varies a lot according to the material in which it is made, the model and the size. With that, there are options from R $ 100 and the most expensive ones reach R $ 2,500, on average.

Purchase criteria: Factors to compare kennel models

Choosing a kennel, whether for home or professional use, is not easy. This is because this product needs to bring together a series of characteristics such as strength, durability and comfort.

But there are a few ways to get that purchase right and you’ll find them all below.

  • Dog size
  • Available space
  • Material
  • Portable or fixed

Next we will explain in detail all these topics.

Dog size

The first step when choosing a kennel is determining the size of the animals that will stay inside it.

The kennel’s useful area should be sufficient for dogs to move around without difficulty and to be able to rest comfortably. That is why this factor is so important.

Therefore, take into account the size of the animal and the space required for it according to the specifications below.

  • Small dogs: The kennel can have an area of ​​1 m² and about 60 centimeters in height.
  • Medium-sized dogs: These need a space of 2.5 m² and 1 meter in height.
  • Large dogs: The kennel must be 4 m² in size and 1.5 meters high.
In the photo a dog inside a kennel on top of a bed.

Available space

Another point to be analyzed when defining which is the ideal kennel is the space available for this product.

The masonry versions are the most occupying space, however they are ideal for animals to live.

Fence or cage models are only for short periods and come in a wide variety of sizes.

The cage ones are sold based on the number of boxes, with options with 3, 6, 7 and even more boxes. The pens are sold in meters.


When it comes to the kennel material there are several options. For the versions to be built, the best raw material is the concrete block, but wood is also indicated.

The purchased models are made of metal and galvanized steel. Both are very resistant and have excellent durability. However, it is essential to pay attention to the type of painting they receive.

In this regard, epoxy paint is an excellent choice. In addition to making her look good in the kennel, she still manages to protect it from rusting.

In the photo a dog in a kennel receiving affection.

Portable or fixed

If the kennel is to be used at home, it is also worth considering whether it will be a fixed or portable type. The fixed ones are masonry and cage models, which, however much they can be moved, are less portable.

Laptops are the enclosure type and these are very easy to dismantle, lightweight and practical. Therefore, if there is the possibility of using the kennel in different places, it is very worthwhile to invest in this option.